Updated on June 11th, 2020

I’ve already expressed my love for 25hours hotels after my stay in Hamburg, and 25hours Langstrasse in Zurich was equally impressive. Here’s a detailed review on my pick for the best hotel in Zurich.

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where to stay in zurich

What are 25hours hotels like?

25hours is a hotel chain with hotels throughout Europe, with their first non-Europe location opening in Dubai later this year.

Their branding is next level, they use local designers and their interior style represents each destination brilliantly.

The hotels seem young and modern while keeping true to old school elegance and top notch service. I’m a fan girl, what can I say!

best hotel in zurich 25hours

How was the room?

My room at 25hours Langstrasse was one of the best in the building, a spacious corner with two huge windows overlooking Zurich HB, the main train station.

The bed was amazing, there was space for my luggage in the entrance way so I wasn’t having to step over anything, and the bathroom had a beautiful rain shower.

Hotel bedroom in Zurich 25hours

How about the facilities?

Hamburg’s 25hours hotels have vinyl rooms and rooftop saunas, but Zurich has pretty epic (and random!) facilities too… Like an on-site pawn shop and an artist’s residence!

Yep, this funky hotel is all about arts, crafts and retro trinkets. Buy something unique from the front desk, or sell something you own to get a free stay! And for art buffs, the artist’s studio is free to visit.

Aside from those weird and wonderful extras, there’s also a sauna and gym on the top floor with a sweet view.

Bed with goodie bag on it at 25hours Hotel in Zurich

Where is 25hours Langstrasse?

25hours Langstrasse is right in between the thriving Langstrasse entertainment district and the fresh and modern Europaallee neighbourhood.

It’s a short walk or even shorter taxi ride from the main station, and there’s plenty to see, do and eat nearby.

Tram on bridge in Zurich

Does 25hours Langstrasse serve food and drink?

The room rate includes an impressively varied buffet breakfast, and the on-site restaurant serves up Mediterranean fare all day and night.

There’s also a sophisticated cocktail bar, a favourite for the nearby tech offices for after-work drinks.

Plate with cheese and cold cuts in Zurich hotel

The final verdict on 25hours Langstrasse

One of my favourite hotel chains for sure, 25hours in Zurich is ideal for a city break with loads of cool extras.

Looking to somewhere to stay in Zurich? Search for hotels on your travel dates right here.

Buffet breakfast at 25hours Hotel in Zurich

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All the basic details from my big trip:

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How do you book your accommodation? I book all my hotels, hostels and apartments on either booking.com or Hostelworld.
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For more FAQs about my 52 in 52 trip, see this post.

Huge thanks to 25hours hotels for hosting me for one night. As always, all opinions are my own and are based on my experience.

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