Kia ora, I’m Alexx!

I’m the Kiwi twenty-something behind the keyboard, and the lens, here at Finding Alexx. Follow me on Instagram at @findingalexx.

Back when I was 19 I jumped on a plane to San Diego, California for my first ever solo trip, a six month university exchange, where I was hit hard with the travel bug. I came home to finish my degrees, graduated, and scored an internship at a huge youth travel agency, which led to a fascinating five and a half years working in travel marketing. This is where I discovered my passion for encouraging other people to go on epic adventures, as well as a love for photography and writing about my own trips.

At 25 I packed up my bags for the second time, to head to the UK for the classic two-year OE (overseas experience for you non-Kiwis). In the past two years I’ve visited 26 different countries (bringing my total to 41 so far), stood under the Northern Lights, taken a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, road-tripped along the Cornwall coast, sailed through Croatia, stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, slept in the Sahara Desert and so much more, all while working full-time in London.

With my visa expiry date looming I had to decide whether to apply for work sponsorship and ‘settle down’ in the UK for three years, or to take a leap of faith into funemployment and long-term solo travel. Guess which one I picked?

In July 2019 I kicked off my biggest project yet… A year-long adventure to a new country every single week, with my route based on the cheapest flight available on Skyscanner every Tuesday! This trip is taking me all through Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, North and Central America, then back around to Europe, and you wouldn’t believe how cheap the flights are.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need weeks of leave and thousands of dollars to have an incredible time, and I want to show exactly how I plan each week in each different destination to get the best bang for my buck in terms of both money and time. Read more about my 52 in 52 travel project here.

This little slice of the internet is going to be packed with travel tips, budget hacks, destination guides, photo inspiration and a lot  of real talk about the good, the bad and the ugly side of travel. Behind every adventure is a couple of misadventures!

I started Finding Alexx because I genuinely want to help other people get out and see more of the world, so I hope you find this blog inspiring, educational, motivating, entertaining or all of the above. I’d love to hear what you think x

Much love!

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