Travel in your 20s: 15 trips to take before you hit 30

Want to travel in your 20s but not sure where to start? Here are  15 different trips to add to your travel bucket list to tick off during  this decade.

A girls’ trip (or lads’ trip!)

A week or weekend away with your best girlfriends is an essential trip in your 20s.


A solo trip

Solo travel is good for the soul, and it can have an incredibly positive  impact on everything from your mindset to your resilience to your  self-assurance.


A romantic getaway

Slightly off-brand for me since I am not romantic whatsoever, but taking  a trip with your partner is a great way to travel in your 20s.


An extended trip

An extended trip is one way to learn a lot about yourself in a very short period of time.


Whether you’re heading into your 20s or  you’re already past it and want to give the decade another go just for  fun, here are 15 bucket list ways to travel in your 20s.

I bet your bucket list is full now! Hopefully that list has inspired you to plan some epic adventures in your 20s (or beyond).