The ultimate Australia bucket list: 50+ things to do in Australia

If you want to find the best things to see and do in Australia then  you’re in the right place, here’s a comprehensive Australia bucket list.

Spot a koala in the wild

Starting off the Australia bucket list with an absolute classic, you can’t come all this way and not see Australia’s cuddly mascot!


And a kangaroo

Your best bet for kangaroo spotting is to hire a rental car and head  somewhere that has flat bushland, preferably away from the main highways.


And other critters

There are a bunch of other Aussie animals you might want to tick off your bucket list too.


Visit a wildlife sanctuary

Australia has plenty of incredible wildlife sanctuaries who look after  sick, injured and orphaned animals, offering an ethical way to see the  animals up close.


We all look for different things when we travel so I’ve included loads of different Australia bucket list ideas.

You can either make it a goal to tick them all off (I’d be seriously  impressed if you did!) or you can pick and choose the things that float  your boat.