17 Helpful Tips for Traveling with Carry On Only

From picking the right bag to building a capsule wardrobe to cutting  down on unnecessary toiletries, here are my best tips and tricks for traveling with carry on only.

Choose your cabin bag wisely

Set yourself up for carry on success by choosing a lightweight bag that maximizes your hand luggage allowance and is easy to travel with.


Double check the weight limit and dimensions

It’s super important that you check your airline’s hand luggage rules before you fly, because if you’re overweight you might need to pay extra.


Check if you’re allowed a personal item

Many airlines offer their customers to bring a second ‘personal item’ that either under the seat in front of you.


Some airports allow duty free as an extra item on-board

In order to encourage more duty free sales, some airports around the globe allow duty free purchases as a potential third bag.


You can be sure that these carry on only packing tips have been tried and tested by me on my own trips. And guess how many times I’ve had to pay extra baggage fees? NEVER!

I hope these cabin luggage packing tips have helped you plan what to take next time you’re traveling with carry on only.