Kia ora guys and gals!

Alexx here, a twenty-something London-based Kiwi with an unwavering passion for travel. I split my time between searching for the city’s best hangouts (Flight Club is my current fave!), exploring nearby European cities and eating all the cheese that this side of the world has to offer. I’ve been wanting to start blogging properly for two years now but life kept getting in the way, so I’ve designated 2018 as the Year of the Blog. Now that that’s on the internet, there’s no turning back!

Finding Alexx is going to be an interesting blend of my three favourite things: travel, food, and maximising our personal potential. Yes, I realise how nerdy that sounds *no shame*. My dream is for this space to be packed to the brim with destination inspiration, gorgeous photographs, travel hacks and some tips on how to make the most of life. This is a pretty accurate representation of what actually goes on in my head, so here’s hoping we’ll find a winning formula.

Just so you know, I’m in no way an expert on any of these topics. I travel as much as life allows with a full-time job, I’m the fussiest foodie you’ll ever meet and I studied a bit of positive psychology which kicked off my fascination with productivity and being my best self. Disclaimer: I’m currently eating cookie dough in bed wearing a Santa Claus dressing gown that I also wore to a club last night, so I’m still on that journey.

I hope you’ll find the words and photos on this slice of the web inspiring, informative and sometimes a bit hilarious, and I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for visiting!

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